Mr. Darling and his Darling Momsistant

When Mr. Darling showed up with his mommy on Sunday, they treated me to one of the easiest sessions I’ve ever done (including Mess Maker J with 2 assistants). She and her husband do sessions with Mr. Darling all the time and so she was cool, calm, and collected. I asked her to share some tipsContinue reading “Mr. Darling and his Darling Momsistant”

Serious Miss E.

Today marks the day of my very first paid client! I was very excited (read terrified) about today’s shoots. I welcomed three friends with their adorable children into my messy home to get some St. Patrick’s Day photos and despite the terror, I had a great time! So without further ado, meet serious liittle E!Continue reading “Serious Miss E.”

Filters-CPL, UV, ND

For Valentine’s Day, Mr. Mess Maker gifted me some filters for my Nikon D7200 and a reflector and I took some time to play with them today. Oh, and bonus, filters are probably one of the cheapest pieces of photography equipment out there! I got diopters (marketed macro lens filters but are not). One IContinue reading “Filters-CPL, UV, ND”