Baby Model, King, Mess Maker

I wanted to share these photos of Mess Maker J, my professional model, part-time king. My mother started calling him King J. as soon as we shared his name when he was just a little squirmy alien baby. My camera made him a model. I brought him up to test out my Easter sessions and he immediately climbed in the chair and started posing. Mr. Mess Maker popped his crown on.

I have such an easy time getting photos of my mess maker that sometimes I get nervous about getting a nice variety of my littlest models. Mess Maker J. just jumps right in doing what I need him to. He’s got a pretty short attention span (so does his daddy as an assistant) and a lot of times he runs off the set and Mr. Mess Maker brings him back over.

This week’s 15 minutes of posing yielded 24 photos while sometimes 30 minutes with a bitty client doesn’t yield a high variety. I think this is normal as I need to continue building my way of working with kids just like I did when I was teaching. We all have our own unique ways of interacting with the world, photography is the same. A one size fits all method won’t work for every photographer or every model. That’s the nature of… life.

I like to reset myself with a shoot with Mess Maker J. because he’s my best and easiest model and his mom is just the best client! It helps refresh my mind and remind me of my goal–to produce the same photos for other moms that I so cherish of my own son.

Published by melanie_unabridged

Melanie is an aspiring YA novelist with a strong background in short prose and editing. Melanie grew up mostly along the east coast of the United States from North Carolina to Pennsylvania with her family. Throughout her whole life, Melanie has loved to read and make up her own stories with some personal success. Though she has never been published, she's very experienced with poetry and short prose but has been longing to write a novel. Right now she's working a YA-SciFi/Fantasy piece with hopes to finish it within the next year.

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