It’s so fluffy!

While I was at Brit Fete the other weekend, I approached someone because… I couldn’t resist their puppy! I love dogs and this one was so fluffy and cute I couldn’t resist and I was able to talk him into coming back to my tent for a few photos!

This puppy is just too cute and I had a fun time trying to get some photos of them! Enjoy the wonderfulness that is a labradoodle!

doggy Collage

Published by melanie_unabridged

Melanie is an aspiring YA novelist with a strong background in short prose and editing. Melanie grew up mostly along the east coast of the United States from North Carolina to Pennsylvania with her family. Throughout her whole life, Melanie has loved to read and make up her own stories with some personal success. Though she has never been published, she's very experienced with poetry and short prose but has been longing to write a novel. Right now she's working a YA-SciFi/Fantasy piece with hopes to finish it within the next year.

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