Melanie Sokol’s portraits have been featured at Snap Love Grow — Featured: Snap Love Grow {New Life} — and Cozy Clicks — Photo Feature: Red White and Blue

She taught herself photography after her son was born and built her business on giving parents the portraits she wanted.

Client Testimonials

Why am I the right photographer for you?

To put it simply: I care. I care about your family. I ask about you long after our time working together is over because I build a relationship with you. That care translates into work that captures the beauty of your family but also means I’m constantly working towards improving my craft so that I can deliver your portraits with pride.

Because I cares, the experience from start to finish is about you and what you want. Each session is designed around your wants and your family, and each session is spent working with your family to capture real, beautiful laughs and moments of love. With me, you don’t have to figure out where to put your hands or how to tame your wild child–I’m there to adjust your hand, your feet, your hair, and to chase and engage your child so they’re laughing and looking at the camera.

How did I become the right photographer for you?

I received a writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh that taught me to have a thick skin and constantly self-assess my work. I’m my toughest critic and this comes out in the portraits each client receives. I also have my Master’s degree in education from the University of Oklahoma and experience teaching so I love children for the messy trouble makers that they are just like your favorite teachers growing up.

What am I really like?

I’m a true extrovert so even the most stubborn cranky child or daddy ends up laughing and smiling by the end of the session. I’m very blunt and straight-forward. You will not for one second doubt that I’ve held anything back.

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