L V. J – Lifestyle Session | Minot ND Photographer

For L’s 6 month photos, I dressed her in one of her brother’s shirts and took photos. I decided to match them up with the photos I took of J. You can see how much I’ve grown as a photographer and how different they are! I love these milestone images of L. She’s too cute!

Adventure Awaits – Lifestyle Session | Minot ND Photographer

J got a new bed and he loves it. He has had such a blast in his room with this new bed. He’s growing and changing so much and when I stop to think about it, it’s so sad that he’s not itty bitty anymore and so exciting because he’s so exciting. Parenting is bittersweetContinue reading “Adventure Awaits – Lifestyle Session | Minot ND Photographer”

Back to School – Lifestyle Session | Minot ND Photographer

My little man started back to school and I had to document it! He adores school and he is nothing but crazy personality. He was asking our tree to transform and dancing and just having a blast playing outside. I am so happy he loves Pre-K and that he gets to go and do hisContinue reading “Back to School – Lifestyle Session | Minot ND Photographer”

Boy in a Box – Styled Session | Minot ND Photographer

Boxes are the stuff of childhood and perfect for capturing the personality of my little guy. he’s always so much fun when we do sessions like this, making silly faces and doing all the little weird things I ask him to.

Throwback – Styled Session | Minot ND Photographer

Cake smashes aren’t JUST for first birthdays. J smashes cake into his face whenever he can. And mama has a sweet tooth so it’s pretty much far too often but… we run it off. I love how elaborate some photographers are with their sets but… I love how a simple set showcases personalities and theContinue reading “Throwback – Styled Session | Minot ND Photographer”

Wildling J – Styled Session | Minot Nd Photographer

Almost three years ago now, I forced hubby to drive in Scotland and let me buy J a kilt. Two years ago, I bought J a suit of armour and traded some much wanted food for a set of wooden swords. And now, my heart, my muse, my baby, my warrior, my wildling. He RContinue reading “Wildling J – Styled Session | Minot Nd Photographer”