Splish Splash

I’ve been working on my lifestyle images and it’s tough! It’s hard to capture something that doesn’t say “Snapshot” instead of “Professional Image.” It takes work and thought and trying a million different things. But finally, I got a set that make me think, “That, that is lifestyle.” Splish Splash Taking a Bath, featuring MessContinue reading “Splish Splash”

You’ve got to crack a few eggs…

As Easter hops its way onto the horizon and photographers everywhere scramble to get their sessions and edited, I wanted to go back to talking about my journey as a photographer. The last time we spoke about my journey, I talked about J.’s first milestone session at one month (linkylink). I struggled at the time withContinue reading “You’ve got to crack a few eggs…”

Baby Model, King, Mess Maker

I wanted to share these photos of Mess Maker J, my professional model, part-time king. My mother started calling him King J. as soon as we shared his name when he was just a little squirmy alien baby. My camera made him a model. I brought him up to test out my Easter sessions andContinue reading “Baby Model, King, Mess Maker”