Wildling J – Styled Session | Minot Nd Photographer

Almost three years ago now, I forced hubby to drive in Scotland and let me buy J a kilt. Two years ago, I bought J a suit of armour and traded some much wanted food for a set of wooden swords. And now, my heart, my muse, my baby, my warrior, my wildling. He RContinue reading “Wildling J – Styled Session | Minot Nd Photographer”

Campfire S’mores – Styled Session | Minot, ND Photographer

I love, love taking pictures of families but I think one of the biggest challenges for families is being in the pictures. We all have the kids that won’t smile, won’t look at the camera, won’t wear the outfit you carefully picked out. And the parent that wants it to be done and over with.Continue reading “Campfire S’mores – Styled Session | Minot, ND Photographer”

Supergirl – Milestone Session | Minot, ND Photographer

Little L loves reading with mommy before naps and bed so we got a new one! She loves Sweet Dreams Supergirl and so do I! I’m so excited to explore new books and characters while J obsesses over Transformers.

Happy 4th! Now Booking – Holiday Session | Minot, ND Photographer

We got out on a rainy day to capture these beautiful images of dad that everyone will cherish forever. I know how much dad’s hate picture day and this one left saying, “That’s the fastest picture session I’ve ever had! Just how I like it!” and of course they are in love with these images!

Star Wars Lover – Milestone Session | Minot, ND Photographer

Before school let out for the summer, I had a few blissful and free days with Little L and we took full advantage one day getting some cute shots in. Many years ago in a galaxy far away, I bought that onesie for my nephew (now 8) and my sister-in-law saved it for J andContinue reading “Star Wars Lover – Milestone Session | Minot, ND Photographer”