Client Testimonials

“We had a great time! My kids are 6, 8, 10, and 11 and she had them laughing in no time. The final product definitely shows their true personalities.” –Erin

“We have a wonderful family photo session. If anyone is in need of pictures I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie. She was very friendly, caring, and patient. My husband is a very serious man, and she make it fun and done and other with for him. We are a family of 5 this sometimes can be VERY difficult to capture true beauty in photos. This day my two boys were being extremely busy, energetic true boys but she was able to work with them not against them. She did just that, in 1/2 the time it takes if you go to local photography place. Biggest plus, she was willing to meet us at our favorite beautiful Belgian historic site no problem!! Again, no doubt about it she can make your memories turn into keepsakes!! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH Melanie.” –Amanda

“We had a great experience in our photo session. It is very difficult to take photographs of toddlers and Melanie was very patient and impressed us with the most beautiful photos of our wild little one. Thank you so much… we looking forward other photograph sessions with you.” –Mimi

“We had such a fun, easy, and fast photo session! Which is amazing when your working with a toddler! Thank you so much Melanie for the beautiful pictures & all the effort you put in to making us happy!” –Rachel

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