Family Portrait Sessions

When you contact me about your family portrait session, we discuss what you envision for your family. I use multiple locations within the surrounding areas including a local parc, the city of Mons, Villers Abbey, and the Seneffe Chateau.

We meet at the session time and work together to create portraits of your family that are candid and genuine. While I work through some poses, my goal is to capture your family happy and playing. I also focus on getting a variety of portraits featuring each child, each sibling pair, all of the children together, each child with mom, and each child with dad.

After your session, I edit the best images, the ones that showcase your family at its best with real laughter and true connection so that when you see your gallery, you fall in love.  I share an average of 60-80 images from a normal family session for you to select only your favorites.

My goal is to create a day of fun and a gallery of images from that fun. We may get a little messy but messes are memories, and at Melanie Sokol Photography, memories are captured.

Solo Collage

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