It’s so fluffy!


While I was at Brit Fete the other weekend, I approached someone because… I couldn’t resist their puppy! I love dogs and this one was so fluffy and cute I couldn’t resist and I was able to talk him into coming back to my tent for a few photos!

This puppy is just too cute and I had a fun time trying to get some photos of them! Enjoy the wonderfulness that is a labradoodle!

doggy Collage

Brit Fete Mini Sessions


One of the great things about living in Belgium is the abundance of culture! It’s a great melting pot of NATO Nations which means that as a photographer I get the chance to work with a lot of international families and I get to attend a lot of great events!

Last weekend I set up at Brit Fete to meet and greet people attending the event and I had a great time meeting new people and making connections. I even got some adorable kids in the tebritfete Collage.pngnt for a few photos!