Scrubbing Up – Lifestyle Photography | Minot, ND Photographer

My last few weeks in Belgium were spent focusing on capturing every possible memory of J’s very first home and one of those big memories was the bath. I don’t know what it is about the bathtub, but it’s one of my favorite places to photograph my son. I’m worried our next home won’t haveContinue reading “Scrubbing Up – Lifestyle Photography | Minot, ND Photographer”

Lifestyle Newborn – Loved Little Girl

True story, I approached this family in the grocery store. To add to that story, we really hit it off and talked for like 45 minutes near the tomatoes. So, this session took place on the tail end of a heatwave with storm clouds covering all of our light. It was a tough session forContinue reading “Lifestyle Newborn – Loved Little Girl”

First48 – Teeny Man

Hopefully you recognize some faces in this little session–mum and dad got with me for maternity portraits a few weeks ago–Lifestyle Maternity – Calm Magic! Even more exciting is that we’ll get to see this family one more time soon! I so, so love capturing the precious moments at the hospital before a newly changedContinue reading “First48 – Teeny Man”