Sweet Mr. W


Mr. W’s mama contacted me to get some photos of this sweet little man for his upcoming birthday. He’s turning the big ONE! Mama spend the whole night before shopping for the perfect outfit when in the end, she stripped him down to his birthday suit! So, let that be a lesson to you, naked babies toddlers are the best kind of toddlers! I had such a great time taking photos of this sweet little man who, though started out serious, gave us a ton of gorgeous smiles!

Thank you Mr. W for your A+ participation. Mama and I both agree, you look as gorgeous as a doll. But in a manly way!

I can’t wait to celebrate at this little man’s party! It’s such a joy to celebrate that first crazy, hectic, stressful, terrifying, and ultimately rewarding year of life! Congrats W and family, you made it. Only a lifetime left!